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Craft over Clip

While it's important how we make our art — entirely hand-made by skilled metalsmiths, carpenters, and glassblowers, often on equipment we've made in-house — what ultimately matters is our audiences' experience. The details add up to something undeniable: quality matters.


My interest in metal working began as a child working on the family cattle ranch, The Double H. Grandpa Hank could smith just about anything in metal that he dreamed up. I enjoy working with mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel the most as they are durable, simple and timeless — just like Grandpa. I use a variety of finishing techniques, from rusting and applied patinas to brushing and polishing. I try to highlight the natural state of the material chosen for each piece.

The summer after graduating college, I moved to Oahu with a few hundred dollars and the name of a friend of a friend. Somehow, it turned out all right, better than all right, actually. I ended up splitting time between the beach and working for one of the best glass sculpture professors in the nation, Rick Mills at University of Hawaii. Every project I use something Rick taught me. 

Each piece of wood evolves naturally and takes shape as art in the same way. The wood slabs I use are hundreds of years old and the only way to acquire them is from storm fallen trees on private land. Sometimes I know the people who own the land, and other times it's a complete stranger and it takes a few visits to gain their trust — roaming someone's acreage for a good piece of wood isn't exactly a common favor to ask.  After a piece falls from a storm and has been cut and collected, it has to dry one year for every one inch of thickness. Most dinner tables are four to six inches thick. There's got to be a metaphor in all of this, which I'm saving for retirement.

I played one year of high school football. My senior year I was the starting quarterback and we won state — something my brothers never accomplished. After the season, the football coach told me "ninety percent of success is showing up." Show up behind one of these and the other 10% is taken care of. 

The first frame I built was for my little brother, the Alaskan iconoclast. That summer he met someone special and now they're engaged. That's about the best review you'll ever get. 

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