My interest in metal working began as a child on the family-owned Kansas cattle ranch, “The Double H.” Grandpa Hank was the inspiration – he could fix, make or dream-up just about anything metal the ranch needed. I graduated from Kansas State University with a BFA in Metalsmithing. During my studies their I was mentored by two amazing metal-artisans, Elliot Pujol and Daniel Hunt. 

Seeking adventure and a change of scenery, I moved to Oahu in 2005 and had the privilege to work for one of the best glass sculpture professors in the nation - artist Rick Mills at University of Hawaii. After a stint as a surf-bum on the most amazing beaches in Hawaii I headed to the bright lights Las Vegas. In no time, I found myself diving back into my metal-craft, working for acclaimed landscape photographer Peter Lik. 

September of 2011 marked the inauguration of Metal Method Company, a design and fabrication studio with a focus on creating functional fine art for residential and corporate settings. My hope is that people will enjoy the work as much as I enjoy creating it. 


The metal bases I create are unique to each piece of wood. Some bases need to be understated as to not overpower the wood. Others are so beautiful in their grain and texture that they require a base that compliments. I use a variety of finishing techniques—from rusting and applied patinas to brushing and polishing—working to highlight the natural state of the material chosen for each piece. I most enjoy working with mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel, as they are durable, simple and timeless.


Each piece of wood evolves naturally and takes shape in its own way. There is no pattern, no expectations, no design check list. As the slab sits in my shop, rough and black with soot, it starts to talk to me, and that’s when the design process really starts to come to life. These pieces of wood aren’t meant to be square, rectangle, or flat. I let the slabs tell me what they want to be. The slabs I use are hundreds of years old. The only way to acquire them is from storm fallen trees on private land. Once they have fallen and been cut, they then have to dry one year to every one inch of thickness.

Randy Doering
Founder & Owner